Prairie Sunset Home Inc.


Prairie Sunset Home has proudly carried out its commitment to provide older adults with the support, dignity and security of a local nursing care facility for 50 years.

Today, Prairie Sunset faces a big challenge - the need to improve facilities that provide core care to our community and to update the types of services needed by seniors.

Many fundraisers have helped to support our project, as have generous donations and a tax credit program. Fiscal studies have been done cand the USDA loan application has been completed. Project planning is well underway and many designs have been considered.

The project is a 4-phase concept, beginning with a new Assisted Living Center. Phase 1 features 12 living units, followed by renovating the existing skilled nursing wings and a memory care wing.

The common areas will then be reconfigured to give additional office space, storage and space for family gatherings and activities.

Because this is home to some and a place of employment for others, it is important that the project meet the needs of all. We want our residents to feel at home and employees to be able to do their job more efficiently.

We are still needing your financial support, as well as your prayer support. This will be a huge investment for our community and we need your commitment!